Every SMS marketing campaign is different. Some organizations use them extensively in their digital marketing campaigns, while others benefit from them occasionally. Luckily, there are many things you can do to ensure that your SMS marketing campaign is getting the desired outcomes.

In this post, we’ve highlighted 10 important tips that you can implement to make your campaigns truly successful.

  1. Build a Team

Starting and running an SMS marketing campaign is a full-time project. No matter how efficient and disciplined your current team is, you may want to invest in a dedicated SMS marketing team to help manage and optimize your campaign. For instance, you’ll need to have a specialist budget expert, a text message marketing campaign designer, signage coordinators, and a multi-talented digital marketer who can also perform the roles of a retail expert, social media expert, and a promotions expert.

  1. Outsource Your SMS Marketing Project

While it may seem easy to handle your entire text message marketing campaign on your own, a SMS marketing project can be big and time-consuming. In this case, it’s better to consider outsourcing your project to a reliable and professional SMS marketing service provider. With a professional SMS marketing company, all you need to do is to choose your plan and platform you’d prefer to use. The good thing is there are no formal agreements or contracts and you can simply stop using the service at any time without worrying about penalties or any sort of legal action.

  1. Keep Your Message Short and To-the-Point

Nobody wants to read long and annoying chunks of text. While you can use 160 characters to write a message, it would be great if you try to keep your messages as short and meaningful as possible. Just ensure your customers are having a clear idea of the benefits and values you’re offering them. Remember, an average subscriber is always busy and you have to capture their attention in a limited time slot.

  1. Engage Your Customers Through CTA

In order to make your SMS marketing strategy work, make sure you engage your customers instantly! Ideally, from the first moment your recipient opens your text. Try to maintain their interest throughout the entire duration and including a perfect CTA is one of the best ways to achieve that.

  1. Follow the Legal Guidelines

There are certain laws and regulations associated with SMS marketing campaigns. Permission-based marketing is an essence of SMS marketing, meaning you should not send promotional stuff or marketing messages to anyone who has not willfully opted in to your SMS list.

  1. Personalize

The purpose of your marketing campaign is to boost engagement and increase conversions. This is not possible without creating a personalized relationship with your subscribers. Obviously, all of your subscribers want to feel like they’ve been contacted personally. By adding a few personal touches, your text can go a long way. For instance, instead of writing ‘Dear Customer’, you can use your customer’s name. Don’t forget to highlight your brand’s personality in your messages. Last but not least, avoid jargons, lingos, and try to keep the language of your text as simple and clear as possible.

  1. Timing is the key

When it comes to SMS marketing, timing is the key. Your SMS campaign works best when you choose the best possible time to send your messages. For instance, if you have an event scheduled for Saturday night, send the reminder text on Saturday afternoon. The idea is to make your texts stay fresh in your recipient’s mind so that they can take timely action.

  1. Less is More

Never send too many texts to your subscribers as they may feel annoyed and delete messages without even looking at them. Also, it can spoil your brand reputation. Ideally, you should send one text per month which contains valuable information, an exciting announcement, or a great reward.

  1. Build a Reliable SMS List

While it may seem tempting to add all of your previous and present customers to your SMS list, it’s extremely important to target the right audience at the right time. If you target the wrong audience, your campaign will be considered as spam.

  1. Give Special Attention to Your Influencers

Every brand has a dedicated circle of influencers that can significantly impact their marketing campaign. It’s important that you invest additional time and effort to engage them. For example, you can give special attention to your dedicated customers by sending surveys, specialized deals and discounts, and a chance to explore your upcoming collection before it is introduced in the market.

There you have it. These 10 hacks for SMS marketing can help your upcoming campaign start off amazing and sustain. You can harness the effectiveness of this SMS campaign to establish and expand your reach, boost engagement, and upscale your ROI.