SMS marketing is one of the widely-used communication channels in the world. Because of its tendency to send direct and personal text messages to engage customers, many marketers prefer text message marketing over any other marketing channel. While there are a myriad of benefits linked with SMS marketing, you can easily do more harm than good if you’re not following the best SMS marketing practices.

Below you will find some of the ways you can effectively put your SMS marketing campaigns into practice to stay credible and avoid your business being labeled as spam.

Avoid Sending Unsolicited Messages

Nobody likes receiving messages they didn’t opt-in for. As SMS marketing is a permission-based marketing channel, you must seek permission first before you start sending bulk messages. In addition to that, it's also critical that your SMS marketing campaign complies with local rules and regulations. Simply, set up an opt-in form that your customers can fill in to subscribe to your SMS service. Also, make sure your form includes clear opt-in and opt-out instructions so that your subscribers can easily choose the messages they wish to receive.

Avoid Sending Texts to Invalid Numbers

One of the biggest SMS delivery issues is sending SMS to invalid numbers. If your SMS list isn't updated and includes fake/changed contact details, your messages won't reach their targeted destinations which can significantly reduce your deliverability score.

The only effective way you’ll successfully reach customers is by growing your list organically. You can use your email subscription list as a starting point to elaborate your text subscription list. Also, you can use a trustworthy API containing phone number lookup feature to ensure the contacts on your list can receive messages.

Failing to Grab Your Customer’s Attention

It’s one thing to entice new customers, but keeping them engaged is equally as important. The biggest SMS marketing mistake is not establishing a strong foundation for future communication. To avoid this problem, make sure you instantly send a welcome note when a new customer subscribes to your list. Your welcome note should include brief information about the type of messages you’ll be sending and how frequently you’ll send those messages.  

Using Same Texts for Multiple Marketing Campaigns

To save time and effort, many marketers make a mistake of sending the same text for both email and text messages. The issue is, each marketing channel is different and deserves individual attention. For instance, SMS marketing is a perfect solution for marketers who want to send short, to-the-point messages to their customers. Email marketing, on the other hand, is suitable for detailed messages with pictures, sounds and other media.

Inappropriate Timing

The timing of your message can make or break a deal for you. Text message marketing is best used to encourage prompt action, so whether you're connecting with a local audience or an international customer base, the time you send your messages plays a crucial rule in the success and overall effectiveness of your campaign. Make sure you respect your recipient's privacy and time zones. Since, nobody wants to receive a message at 2 AM, use a professional service like SaturnText that automatically sends your text to your subscribers at the right time.

Sending Spammy Messages

There's a 160-character limit when it comes to SMS marketing. Also, text message marketing is an informal and direct way to communicate with your audience. That is why you must provide short and concise information with a clear CTA into your text. If done right, your text will look like a one-on-one conversation with you and all of your customers.

Sending Many Messages

Taking into account the massive 98% open rate, some businesses just can’t resist sending many messages with the hope that each one of them will bring in the same response. However, trying to send many messages can annoy your customer base and may cause many subscribers to opt-out from your SMS list. It is best practice to have a reasonable SMS sending plan in hand before you start sending texts to your subscribers. Remember – less is more when it comes to text blast marketing. 

Depending on a Single Channel

Some businesses use text message marketing to substitute other marketing channels. Also, some brands neglect SMS marketing altogether and depend on other marketing channels. Either one of these options can limit your chances of success. Honestly, SMS and email marketing should be used in conjunction to increase reach and to create a flawless communication experience for your subscribers.

A business that truly considers the needs and desires of its customers can excel and achieve in the long run. Sending value-added meaningful messages can help foster a positive relationship between your business and your target audience. Take a hint from this post and avoid these basic mistakes to increase credibility and avoid your company being labeled as spam.