The Text Blast System for the Cannabis Industry

Easily connect with all of your clients at the click of a button!

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We understand you need a platform to communicate with your clients so they can be better buyers. We've built something just for you.
Pay Via Credit Card

Simply add your credit card, which is processed through Stripe, and we'll only charge you when you send your text blast.

Import Client List

Easily import your recipient list using an excel or csv file. The system automatically handles opt-outs from customers.

2-Way Messaging

Chat back and forth with your clients through our messenger app which is available for both desktop and mobile.

White Label Solutions

We offer white labelling solutions. This gives marketing agencies the chance to resell our services to their clients.

Text Message Blasts
Help Grow Your Company

The industry is booming, so why not grow your business with it. Instead of emailing your customers, reach them where you know they’ll see it: TEXT MESSAGES. Emails take so much time out of the day to generate and are only opened about 20% of the time. In comparison, Text Blasts (also known as mass text messaging or bulk texting) only take minutes to create and have an opened rate of over 90%. Text Blasting allows you to minimize your effort and maximize your results. Send your Text Blast to hundreds or thousands in an instant from your phone, computer, or tablet through our easy-to-use and cost-effective platform.

Text Blasts Consist of 160 Characters!

Send as many text blasts as you want with our easy-to-use interface. Every 160 characters is treated as a text message and you we only charge based on that limit, according to our rates.

Send MMS Messages

Get your clients attention with MMS messages. You can send images or gifs by simply uploading it to our platform and send them pictures of a listed house, invitations, funny memes, or whatever else you think your clients would appreciate.

Schedule Blasts Ahead Of Time!

Create text blasts ahead of time using our built-in-scheduler! You can specify when you want the message to be sent out, whether it be later today, tomorrow, or months from now. You can even set a specific time of day. Plan ahead, create your texts blasts, and let the scheduler do the work for you!

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Quick & Simple Process
With Easy-To-Use Interface

Objectively deliver professional value with diverse web-readiness. Collaboratively transition wireless customer service without goal-oriented catalysts for change.

No Limit on Keywords

Create as many keywords with automated responses, as you need. Unlike other competitors, we do not charge for keywords.


Clients can easily opt-in to receive your texts by texting the word “subscribe” to the phone number. We will then automatically enroll them in your text blasts.

Queued Messages

Want to plan ahead, but don’t want the system to automatically send it out? Create a queued message! It will save it for a future date, but will not send out until you click send.

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Add Subaccounts

Working as a team? SaturnText allows you to have unlimited users on the account. Just invite the others via email, set their privileges and limitations, and they will be given access.

Dynamic Sending Algorithm

We understand as realtors your client base can get pretty big! So to make sure carriers don’t block the mass text blast, our dynamic sending algorithm slowly sends the messages out in groups.

Get Notifications & Data Analysis Reports

Every time a client responds to your text blast, we will notify you. For every text blast you send out, we will also give you a detailed report of deliverability rates, link clicks, unsubscribes, etc.

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