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Text Blasts are Superior to Email Marketing

Why waste your time and energy on sending emails when they're only opened 20% of the time? Text Blasts are an easy way to get your message received and opened over 90% of the time. From formatting to creating a design, the amount of time spent drafting emails for the resulting open rates is just not worth it. Text blasts, also known as mass text messaging or bulk texting is an SMS marketing strategy that offers minimal input and maximum results. Send your SMS text message to hundreds of clients in an instant with our easy to use and cost-effective text blast platform that can be accessed from your phone, computer or tablet.

Don't spend up to 60 mins drafting and designing an email to get a 15-20% open rate
When you can write a text in less than a minute and get a 90% + open rate
Don't Take Our Word for it, When the Statistics Say it Best: Mass Texting Works
customers want businesses to communicate via text message
of customers would like special offers sent to them via text message
of customers say they gained value from text message loyalty programs
* Statistics directly quoted from smscomparison.com
How our pricing compares to our competitors
Pay As You Go. No Monthly Minimums
EZ Texting
4.5 cents
Call Multiplier
5.9 cents
for 10k
$495 for 15,000
comes out to 3.3 cents
$140 for 10,000
comes out 1.4 cents
Simple Texting
$145 for 7,500
comes out to 1.9 cents
Slick Text
$139/month for 3,600
comes out to 3.86 cents
Any Business Can Gain Revenue and Engage Customers using Text Blasts
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Text promotional material such as sales, special events and discount codes
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Text appointment reminders, follow up alerts and test results updates
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Send texts to employees and clients regarding schedules, updates, meetings, receive feedback and more
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Text alerts for meal deals, loyalty program information, alerts for new menu updates and special events
What’s the Difference Between SaturnText Messaging Software Platform and Traditional Texting?
  • Upload thousands of recipients and our system sends out individual SMS and MMS messages, with %100 privacy of client's information
  • Receive and respond to return texts privately
  • No limit to the number of recipients plus delayed texts to limit carriers from blocking messages
  • The ability to schedule multiple mass texts for future dates
  • Group recipients into categories to decide when and to whom each SMS text will be delivered
  • Easy-to-use analytics page that lets you monitor the results of your campaign
Traditional Texting
  • Limited to group messages, which allow each recipient to see the phone number of all the other recipients
  • Responses from recipients are sent to the whole group
  • Carrier limitations prevent sending messages to more than 50 individual numbers at one time
  • No option to schedule bulk texts for future dates
  • Have to individually select contacts to receive texts
  • No way to track and measure response or open rates
Growing Your Potential Client Base is Easier with an SMS Marketing Strategy Than with Traditional Email Marketing

In today's world of technology, it just makes sense to adjust your marketing approach to appeal to as many people as possible. You can increase your revenue and brand awareness by reaching your customers at any point in time with bulk texting. Unlike with email, text messages don't require an internet connection and are often read within five minutes of receipt. Our supplementary app can be downloaded on kiosk tablets and allow customers who visit your business to opt-in to texts on the spot as well as play games!

Easy and Fast Subscription using any Keyword
Just Text a Number to Subscribe
Use the App to Engage and Gain Subscribers
Text Blasts Can Make You More Money
Texts Blasts Lead to an Increase in Revenue

We aim to provide you with the market's most competitive pricing for bulk MMS and SMS text messaging. A single, well-received business SMS can help you get an edge in today's competitive market and a great text blast platform can be the best investment you make to kick-start your business's guaranteed success. We can help you tap into the power of SMS text message marketing.

Our powerful text blast platform is affordable, easy to use and lets you send thousands of texts with a single click. Once your customer gets your message, reads it, and takes action, you are getting what 99% of businesses want — engaged customers and more revenue.

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