Text blast marketing, popularly known as SMS marketing, is one of the most effective yet easiest ways of communication. Unlike in the past, when this approach was mainly confined to personal conversations, today text message marketing is used by almost everyone be it a small-scale business or a large-sized corporate organization.

SMS marketing is a great way for businesses to reach out to their current and potential customers. Scroll down to find out more about why you should consider SMS marketing as a way of drumming up more business in 2020 - and beyond!

Highest Open Rates

With more than 96% of Americans owning a mobile phone of some kind, it’s pretty safe to assume that you won’t have many clients who don’t have access to a mobile device or a tablet. While many businesses still prefer to send emails to their customers, the open rate of a Short Message Service (98%) still outpaces the open rate of an email (which is hardly 20.81% for all industries). Also, 90% of text blasts are read within 3 minutes of being received.


Unlike other marketing channels such as TV ads or billboards, SMS marketing is cost-effective and result-oriented. There are many reliable text blast services like SaturnText that offer bulk SMS options which enable businesses to reach out to thousands of subscribers in a very period.

Choice of Communication for Masses

According to Statista, around 52.2% of all online traffic was generated through cellphones in 2018. The best thing about SMS blast is that it doesn’t need internet connectivity, making text blast marketing the most preferred choice of communication for the masses. Businesses and political organizations can benefit from this opportunity to reach more and more customers, voters and volunteers and send reminders, information about exclusive deals and also keep them updated about upcoming events, etc.

SMS Blasts are Fast

Text messages are quick and immediate. With SMS marketing, you don’t need to break the proverbial bank on making attractive billboards or printing flyers. Also, you don’t have to invest hours thinking about SMS marketing strategy. Since there’s no design element involved in the process, you don’t have to hire an expensive graphic designer either. Simply write a message with a persuasive CTA and send it to your entire SMS list with one single click.

Detailed Analytics

Establishing a state-of-the-art marketing platform and making businesses reach their target audience through fast and technologically-driven marketing channels has become the need of the hour. Text message marketing provides businesses detailed insights on their current market reach and helps them plan better using real-time data and comprehensive analytics including information about the total number of messages sent, current message status, geolocation and several other relevant factors. This data can be used by businesses to evaluate the performance of their marketing campaign and what other things you should pay attention to while creating your future campaigns to achieve more success.


With SMS marketing, businesses only have a limited slot of 160 characters to tell their story and they must use that space smartly to reach their audience in the best possible manner. Text message marketing helps in brand recognition and also offers adaptability that later on leads to the holistic marketing approach.

Also, text blasts can be used for a variety of different messages including announcements, promotions, rewarding loyal customers, reminders, and much more.

Why Text Blast Marketing is the Future?

Security and reliability is another significant advantage that comes handy with SMS marketing. As SMS marketing these days mainly depend on cloud messaging solutions, it improves customer engagement and also provide better clarity for upcoming marketing campaigns.

Today, SMS marketing services usually offer a user-friendly platform that allows businesses to send text blasts internationally and hence help in stretching out business reach. Apart from that, automation in SMS marketing techniques also helps businesses get rid of repetition in case of failed texts and deliver important and time-sensitive messages on time.

Final Words

Get it right and text message marketing can be the best tool for your business. In today’s fast-evolving digital world, customers are already saturated with plenty of information. Text blast marketing is not only inexpensive but it’s incredibly easy to start and manage. Make sure you choose the right SMS marketing service that will set up everything for your business and send scheduled SMS blasts to the entire SMS list.

In conclusion, text message marketing is suitable for both public-sector organizations and commercial brands. While many popular brands prefer SMS marketing over other marketing channels to promote their products and services, many small-scale businesses are still lagging. So, if you’re looking to upscale your marketing activities and boost customer engagement for your business, jump on board before any of your competitors take advantage of this cutting-edge marketing strategy to fuel leads.