Text messaging/SMS is the most effective communication mode when the goal is to get the message through to the most number of individuals feasible. Your political texting for the purpose of campaign marketing can be delivered directly into the hands of voters, which is very important.

Political text messaging may significantly affect your campaign efforts in various ways, including the collection of funds and the accumulation of additional votes. Here's all about political text messaging and why you should go for it!

What Exactly Is a Political Text Messaging?

Political text messages or political SMS are messages delivered to supporters of political campaigns who have selected or given the approval to receive communications from those campaigns through text messages. These messages frequently have some sort of connection to the current state of the election cycle. For instance, supporters might subscribe to get news about volunteer activities, updates on donations, and reminders about early voting dates. These are all areas of possible communications that supporters would receive via political texting.

The Reasons Behind the Use of Text Messages by Political Candidates

Candidates for political office and political organizations will employ diverse strategies while attempting to engage with their respective audiences. Even as the COVID-19 epidemic was in full swing, politicians continued to send out printed mail and depended on volunteers to knock on doors and make phone calls. However, there has also been a rise in investment in digital means such as email, Facebook advertising, and text messages.

Last year, in particular, there has been a rise in the use of text messaging for political purposes. Research supports the idea that text marketing is an effective method for maintaining communication with supporters. The average read & open rate for marketing communications sent by SMS is 99 percent. In addition, ninety percent of SMS messages are viewed within three minutes after being delivered to the recipient's device. It should come as no surprise that a significant number of political campaigns are embracing text messaging.

Where to Start When Developing a Political Texting Service?

Any political texting campaign must include two essential elements to be successful.

1. SMS Platform

In order to operate an effective political SMS campaign, it is essential to develop a partnership with a reputable SMS platform. Saturn Text has provided support to high-profile political campaigns for the past few years. When you work with Saturn Text as a partner, the only thing you need to do to run your political texting from beginning to end is log in to your account. Saturn Text system is intuitive, risk-free, and financially advantageous to use.

Some other plus points of using Saturn Text for political texting service

  • Privately receive and react to text messages from other people.
  • The complete capability of scheduling numerous bulk messages to be sent at future dates and times.
  • Saturn Text can upload hundreds of recipients and deliver individual SMS and MMS messages to each receiver while maintaining complete confidentiality of the user data.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of people who can receive texts and a delay feature that prevents carriers from censoring messages.
  • User-friendly analytics page that provides you with the ability to track the success of your campaign.
  • Create categories for the receivers so that you can determine when and to whom each SMS text message will be sent.

2. Keywords

You will need to select a keyword for your campaigns, in addition to an SMS platform, so that people can find them. People will opt into your messaging service by texting your keyword to the shortcode mobile number that you provide. People might, for instance, SMS the word "VOTE" to the number 9999. You have the ability to personalize your keywords so that they are unique to your campaign. Some examples of this are "GO," "STOP," and "WIN."

Benefits of Political Text Messaging

Marketing by text message is the mode of communication that customers most desire, but it is also the type of communication that is most effective when used with supporters. According to the available data, the open rate for marketing by text message is an outstanding 99 percent, which is substantially higher than the open rate for marketing via email, which is 20 percent.

Other benefits of Political Texting Service include the following:

  • Simple and Easy Follow-Ups
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Meaningful Slogans
  • Fundraising Purposes
  • Important Reminders Regarding the Election
  • Information Regarding Registration
  • Attempting to Appeal to a Younger Age Group
  • Inform Voters of Upcoming Events and Meetups
  • Obtain Replies Almost Instantaneously!

Tip: Try using Saturn Text for the purpose of political text messaging service. Saturn Text is the fastest, easiest and most economical political texting service/campaign texting service.