Keywords are most often linked with digital marketing techniques, particularly with SEO and website development. But, did you know they also play a crucial role in getting the most out of text blast marketing? However, to best benefit from incorporating keywords in your SMS marketing efforts, you first have to understand their purpose and the best ways to integrate them into your SMS marketing campaign.  

Keywords Defined

Keywords in SMS marketing basically refers to exclusive terms, which can involve both letters and numbers, used to establish a connection between you and your customers. The general misconception about SMS marketing is that you need a unique shortcode to start your campaign, but the fact is that anyone can start a marketing campaign with or without having a shortcode.

Text blast marketing keywords can help businesses make a difference with their bulk SMS marketing campaigns. In this article, we’ll highlight the significance of keywords for SMS marketing strategies and what are some of the best practices for selecting the right keywords for your next SMS campaign.

Choosing Keywords

For small and mid-sized businesses, it can be challenging to choose unique keywords that can effectively optimize their bulk SMS marketing campaigns. Make sure you pay attention to the below-listed elements while choosing the best keywords for your campaign.

Find Keywords that are Relevant

First things first, it’s extremely important that you choose keywords that are relevant to the nature of your business. For instance, if you own a health clinic, keywords like HEALTH, FITNESS, and TREATMENT would be relevant to your target audience.

Find Keywords that are Convenient

Another important thing you must consider before choosing a keyword for your SMS campaign is to select relevant keywords that are easier for your subscribers to use and remember. By keeping your keywords concise and to-the-point, subscribers will more likely to remember them.

Find Keywords that are Logical

Lastly, use logic to choose the best keywords for your marketing campaign. For this, you can get help from different tools and techniques including A/B testing which revolves around sending 50% of your text messages using one keyword and the remaining 50% using another, then carefully examining which delivered better results. By consistently carrying forward this practice you’ll be able to include better and more relevant keywords into your SMS marketing campaign.

Tips to Consider

Keep it Short

Try to keep your keyword as short and straightforward as possible. Ideally, you should not use more than one word and that word must reflect your individual product range or service.

Make it Memorable

It’s important to understand that you have a limited timeslot to capture your recipient’s attention. That is why it’s imperative that your chosen keywords are easily memorable so that your recipients can send texts without struggling to recall your specific keywords.

Link Your Keyword to the CTA

Another important aspect of a good keyword is its potential to smoothly slide into different CTAs. Keep in mind, an effective SMS marketing campaign significantly depends on its value proposition. So, it’s important that your chosen keywords must perfectly fit into any discount or offers you’ve mentioned in your text messages.  

Avoid Special Characters

Users generally avoid texting brands whose keywords are too complicated and a confusing mixture of characters, numbers, and special characters. For instance, if you own a pizza joint, you can simply choose the keyword ‘PIZZA’ instead of ‘&%PIZZA20’.

Avoid Using Multiple Words

Many text blast service providers aren’t aware of the fact that the SMS keyword ‘Great Deals’ with a space is the same as ‘GreatDeals’. So, make sure you avoid using multiple words as a keyword as it won’t be delivered as two or three separate words and may confuse readers when they see a huge string of letters coming their way.

Pass the Autocorrect

Outside of determining different solutions to harness your keyword to other marketing efforts, it’s also important that your selection must successfully get through the autocorrect test. Technically, this test ensures you choose the right keyword that is both relevant and not prone to automatic changes generally carried forward by the mobile’s autocorrect feature. Autocorrect tests are a surefire way to ensure that your potential selections are ready to become the focus of interest on different operating systems.

Make sure you have different operating systems handy so that you can test the chances of autocorrect with your chosen keywords.

Some time a number added to the end of the keyword may prevent the autocorrect. It is also believed that the words present in the dictionary don’t generally autocorrect. But, when it comes to autocorrect, make sure you test different approaches to see which specific tactic can help you avert the chances of autocorrect.

So, are you ready to take your SMS campaign to the next level? The above-listed tips can help you choose the best possible keywords for your marketing campaign.