Text message marketing is gradually breaking away from its reputation of being unreachable to SMEs owners. SMS marketing has been around for quite some time and its impact is now bigger and better than ever before. Today, almost everyone owns a cellphone, making SMS marketing a profitable solution not only for commerce giants but also for small and mid-scale businesses.

In fact, if you use this channel properly, SMS marketing can quickly become your one-stop solution for boosting sales and improving conversions.

Why Use Text Message Marketing for Small Business Marketing?

Every digital marketer must be aware of the fact that text messages are read within first 3 minutes of being received. But, did you know SMS also has a colossal 98% open rate?

There are many factors that make SMS marketing the top choice for present-day entrepreneurs and small business owners. SMS messages reach your target audience in a blink of an eye and recipients can receive texts without needing any specific cell phone model or internet connection. As these businesses can’t spend hefty on expensive advertising campaigns, SMS marketing can be an affordable yet effective solution for them.

Last but not least, text message inboxes don’t include spam filters. Text messages are short and concise, they’re consumed quickly, and recipients can react without any delay.

Benefits of Using SMS Marketing for Small Businesses


Unlike other marketing channels, SMS marketing has a massive reach. With text message marketing you can easily stay connected with your customers living in the farfetched areas. Since, the potential of this medium is amazing, it enables business owners to attract new clients without extending their marketing budget.

Customer Satisfaction

According to marketing pros, the level of customer satisfaction that small and mid-scale organizations offer to customers is higher than that of large-scale companies and MNCs. That is possibly because of the fact that small businesses use the text message marketing channel extensively and more effectively. They use SMS marketing to interact with their customers, collect feedback, and to understand customer problems and desires.


This marketing dark horse has another secret plan that can be utilized if and when it is needed. Text message marketing help SMEs deliver customized services tailored to their customer’s needs and desires. Since large companies operate on such a large scale, it is nearly impossible for them to deliver personalized services to their customers, small and mid-scale businesses must leverage the power of this channel to attract new clients. Small business owners can use SMS marketing to inform their customers about any new product or service. Also, they can text potential clients to opt-in and become part of their SMS service to enjoy ongoing deals and discounts.

Retaining Customers & Generating New Leads

The success of any business mainly depends on its capacity to retain current customers and attract new clients. They can do this by using effective SMS marketing strategies. Small businesses can benefit from seasonal advertising opportunities to achieve their short-term and long-term objectives. For instance, you can send your customers reminders about your available product range and services. Also, some businesses use text message marketing to inform their customers about special offers and discounts.

Getting Started

Here are some of the most important things you must consider before launching your SMS marketing campaign:


Technically, you can immediately initiate your SMS marketing campaign as long as you have a text-enabled phone and a phone line. But, in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency, you must seek help from a professional SMS service that can help you track your progress. You also need result-driven SMS marketing strategies that you can integrate with your business framework to achieve better results.


Similar to email marketing, SMS marketing is also dependent on permission-based marketing strategies. That means you’ll require your target audiences to explicitly subscribe to your SMS service.

Opt-In Forms

Design your opt-in forms to explain the purpose of your text message marketing campaign. Make sure you offer value to your customers so that they can show more interest in your offers. You must also give them a clear idea of how often they expect to receive texts from your business. Don’t forget to link your privacy policy/terms and conditions in your message to show your credibility and trustworthiness.


Never bombard your new customers with announcements and promotions. In order to get their attention, you must have a clear and step-by-step SMS marketing process that you can use to engage your new subscribers. Your first text to a new subscriber should always be a confirmation message informing them that they have successfully subscribed to the service. You can also include a welcome note along with a certain benefit to make your new subscriber feel valued.   

Tips to Consider

Here are some of the ways you can make the most out of this channel:

Know the Best Time to Send Out Messages

Schedule your texts to send between business hours, as these are the times an average worker is able to read and respond to text messages.

Pay Attention to Your Business Cycle

SMS marketing is a foolproof way to drive immediate sales. There are many ways you can incorporate this strategy in harmony with your existing business cycle.

Integrate an Omni-Channel Marketing Campaign

While text message marketing is powerful and effective on its own, it works best when used in collaboration with other marketing tactics. Hence, make sure you utilize a variety of other mediums to create a better and more result-driven cross-marketing approach.