If you’ve just entered the world of text message marketing, it can be really confusing to get the knack of SMS marketing terms and phrases. As you start to learn about the basics of SMS marketing and start experimenting with lead generation and market segmentation, you are going to have to make plenty of wise decisions for your SMS marketing strategy.

Whether to use a short code or a long code number is one of the decisions you have to make just after you plan to initiate a text message marketing campaign for your business. While these codes may seem confusing to begin with, they simply refer to the numbers that your texts are being sent from. Unlike short code that is particularly being generated to cater to the needs of SMS marketing, a long code is nothing but your standard 10-digit number that you can dedicate to receive or send text messages in your SMS campaign.

It’s no surprise if you choose short code for your SMS marketing campaigns as after all they’re generated to serve this special purpose. But, you would be surprised to know the benefits that come handy with the long code numbers.

In this post, we’ll be highlighting 5 top reasons why long codes are better than short codes and why you should prefer them for your SMS marketing campaign.

  1. Long Codes are Personal

Unlike short codes, long codes look more personal and distinctive. Since long codes depend on your local area code, they’re more identifiable and the recipients can immediately identify that the number belongs to a nearby source.

Long codes are particularly beneficial for local businesses to send texts to their local customers. For product delivery alerts, having a long code and utilizing it to keep customers informed introduces a sense of assurance that their products are on their way and the driver is not far away.

  1. Long Codes are Cost-Effective

When it comes to cost effectiveness, long codes are obviously worth a consideration. Unlike short codes that are quite expensive to register and use, long codes are much more affordable. For instance, if you want to send reminders to your customers, then a long code number would be a perfect option.

  1. Long Codes Promote 2-Way Chat

One of the biggest advantages of long code numbers is its tendency to utilize the two-way chat function. Long code numbers allow your customers to respond to your messages, meaning they can instantly connect with your brand if they have any sort of product query or if they need to cancel an order.

  1. Long Code Numbers Stay the Same

Apart from standard texting features and two-way chat convenience, long codes are able to support a myriad of other benefits. For instance, if your brand offers international shipping, a long code will allow you to send the same message to both your local and international customers.

In addition to that, long codes also support voice communications and you can simply use that number to perform any other activity you could possibly do with your standard phone number.

  1. Long Codes Offer a Myriad of Benefits

For any business to look professional, it needs to have a single point of contact that could be used to inform customers about new products and services. Unlike short codes, long code numbers stay the same. When you use an automated system with a long code, you can provide information to your customers in a fast and effective manner.

Short code numbers are beneficial for large-scale one-way SMS campaigns. If you’re looking to use your SMS campaign for sending reminders, notifications, or alerts, then long code numbers are your safest bid.