In this post, we’ll see how recruiters can benefit from using SMS marketing to connect with their potential candidates.

Effective SMS Recruitment Practices

A recruiting SMS message enables recruiters to successfully follow up with candidates after a formal interview and keep them updated with their current application status. Candidates, on the other hand, can also make use of text messages to ask for further details about fresh and upcoming job openings.

All in all, you can’t neglect the power of SMS marketing if you’re a recruiter. Not only does it simplify the entire hiring process, but it also allows you to find the right people for the job.  

Recruiting SMS Messages – Statistics

Let’s admit it, text messages are one of the most widely used communication mediums. Here are some surprising facts and statistics about text message recruiting:

  • Over 73% of applicants prefer to receive job updates through SMS
  • More than 78% of applicants who own a smartphone apply for the positions via their cellphone
  • Over 45% of job seekers use their cellphones to find new opportunities
  • Approximately 89% of applicants believe that their cellphone plays a critical role in their job search process

Taking into account the above-listed statistics, it’s pretty evident that recruitment agencies must be open to utilize SMS mediums when recruiting new candidates. However, it is also important that they be careful about how they use an SMS recruiting message. Keep in mind, some applicants may consider SMS messaging to be too intrusive and they can easily feel offended if you bombard them with a constant array of texts. That’s why it’s extremely important that you pay attention to the right SMS messaging etiquettes. For instance, you must:

Seek Permission Prior to Sending Out Text Messages

Before sending out recruiting messages to a job seeker, the first and most important thing you should do is to ask for their consent. Ideally, you should seek permission before the entire recruitment process starts. Make sure you clearly tell them about how often your company will send texts and what specific information they can expect from your agency.

Keep Your Messages Short and To-the-Point

SMS marketing is a perfect solution for businesses that want to maintain direct and informal communication with their patrons. You must reconsider your approach if you’re looking to send long messages to the job seekers as SMS marketing could possibly not be the right platform for your needs. Also, the job-hunting process can be nerve-wracking for many applicants. Make sure you keep your messages short and interesting, so that it immediately hooks their interest, and offers great value to the readers.

Send Your Messages at the Right Time

Many job seekers don’t like to receive recruiting messages after business hours. So, the time you choose to send your messages can have a huge impact on your success ratio. For most candidates, the ideal time to receive job alerts and other recruiting messages is between 9 am to 7pm.

Why Recruitment Agencies Should Consider Integrating SMS APIs to Get Better Results?

Real-Time Communication

Recruiters are always on the lookout for the best potential candidates. By integrating SMS APIs into their marketing framework, they can quickly connect with the best options and inform them about vacant positions. Considering the fast-paced nature of the recruitment industry, integrating the best SMS marketing practices obviously makes sense.


Recruiting text messaging is a convenient way to send out details about a job role to hundreds and thousands of candidates in a single click. Also, it makes the entire communication process private and discreet, especially for candidates who are already employed and cannot openly discuss about other job roles and opportunities using their phones or emails.

Saves Time and Money

As mentioned above, with the bulk text messaging feature you can send hundreds and thousands of texts within seconds. SMS marketing messages can save agencies a lot of time and money. Also, recruiters can focus on other tasks while they wait for the recipients to respond.


Over 90% of text messages are read within first 3 minutes of being received. Text messaging enables recruiters to quickly share details about the current job openings and recipients to instantly read and respond to those messages if interested.

Final Words

In conclusion, SMS marketing can do wonders for recruitment agencies. Just make sure the candidates have a choice to unsubscribe if they’re no longer interested in receiving texts from your company.