Text message marketing has quickly evolved into a preferable marketing platform for almost all kinds of businesses – be it a retail sector, healthcare, or education. Because of its personalized approach, instant deliverability and cost-effectiveness, this channel has gained momentum with increasing mobile presence. Hence, text blast marketing is a simple platform that helps both startups and large enterprises achieve their short and long-term objectives without needing a smartphone or an active internet connection.

The education sector particularly can benefit from text blast marketing as it enables schools and colleges to better connect with the parents and guardians. As well as, build associations with staff members and other employees.

In this section, we’ll have a quick look at some of the ways education sectors can profit significantly by leveraging the power of SMS communication.

For The Admissions Process

Educational institutions can use text message marketing to recruit new students and send notifications to the parents/guardians with updates about application due dates, admissions confirmation, etc. The SMS may contain embedded links to the right departments and other relevant resources and information. Apart from that, text message alerts can also allow the concerned admissions office to organize the entire admissions process by sending SMS notifications for payments and registration.

For Weather Alerts

This is particularly beneficial in areas with extraordinary weather conditions. Climatic changes can impact school closures, class timings, and traveling. Schools and colleges can use bulk SMS marketing to inform parents about any last-minute changes and significantly reduce the anxiety that guardians and students generally go through while traveling.

For Emergency Notifications

Text message marketing makes it easy for schools and colleges to send bulk text messages to faculty and students in case of an emergency. For instance, institutions can use SMS marketing to send crime alerts, weather alerts, or even a last-minute lecture room change update to targeted students. Also, text blast marketing makes it possible to change and stipulate the type and recurrence of events that prompt SMS alerts.

For Sending Reminders

Colleges can utilize SMS service to send reminders about assignment deadlines and submission due dates, etc. Reminders can also be scheduled for outstanding payments, registration deadlines, document submissions, scheduled tests and other upcoming events.

Event Alerts

Using text messaging marketing to send event alerts can help institutions make students aware of upcoming events, seminars, and presentations. Institutions can send out text alerts for sporting events, funfairs, and approaching volunteer opportunities to increase attendance.


Parents and guardians generally lead busy lives and it can be really challenging for them to keep track of school events such as PTM’s and other meetings. Text message marketing is a great way to keep those busy parents in a loop and inform them about any upcoming parent-teacher meetings or other activities. Make sure you add a one-line note stating the purpose of the meeting along with some basic information about the scheduled date, time, and venue to communicate the right information.

Exam Notifications

Bulk text message marketing can be used during exams to help students and parents remember exact dates, timings, and locations. It is also a great way to inform students about any last-minute changes to the exam schedule or allow them to ask questions if there is any confusion.

Academic Services

SMS marketing is a cost-effective yet result-driven way of sending homework and assignment details to students. Teachers can send out text alerts about internships, workshops, and career fairs. Also, they can use this channel to share information on majors and available career opportunities as well as changes in the regular academic schedule.

Staff Communication

Text message marketing can also be used by schools and colleges to remain in touch with teachers, faculty, and staff. A simple SMS can inform them about upcoming events or as a way to acquire substitute teachers.

Why Education Sector Prefers SMS Over Other Marketing Channels?

It’s Affordable

Marketing campaigns can be a pricey affair especially when you have so many options to choose from. Sending an SMS doesn’t need any hefty investment. Simply get in touch with a reliable SMS marketing service like SaturnText and start your campaign within a few minutes. The best part? SMS marketing services comes at a fraction of the cost you pay for other expensive marketing substitutes such as PPC, visual media, or advertisements. It also saves time and help schools and colleges maintain uninterrupted communication with their staff, students, and parents.

It’s Personal

Today, almost everyone owns a mobile phone, making text alerts a foolproof way of reaching your target audience – anywhere, at any time. It doesn’t need a high-end device or connectivity requirements either. Text messages arrive directly to the recipient’s inbox and also signals an alert on the phone until they’re acknowledged.

It’s Trackable

Text messages are measurable, making constant assessment and tracking the click rate of notifications simple and doable. This enables you monitor your progress and performance and decide whether or not continue with existing practices.


SMS is a dynamic communication and marketing channel fit for all businesses. Whether it’s an event alert or a reminder, text messages allow you to get your message across immediately and effectively.