SMS marketing has always been considered as an effective marketing channel that helps businesses boost customer engagement and drive sales. But, did you know there are a number of other prominent industries including accounting and taxation that do not maximize this channel’s true potential?

From the business owner who needs help with filing tax returns to the retired couple looking to invest their money in a profitable corporation, almost each one of us will walk through the gates of an accounting firm at some stage of our lives. Ever wondered how accounting firms manage to stay connected with their clients?

There is no escaping the fact that there are hundreds of ways accounting firms can connect with their clients. However, not all marketing channels offer as quick and effective results as text message marketing. According to one of the studies conducted by Pew Research Center, over 95% of all adults in the US own a mobile phone. Since SMS marketing has a colossal 98% open rate, compared to the measly 20% email open rate, it gives businesses (especially accounting firms) an opportunity to maintain contact with their existing and potential clients.

Ways Accountants and CPAs Can Use SMS Marketing

Quickly Respond to Queries

Let’s admit it, everyone feels a little overwhelmed when they receive a letter from the IRS. That is where the role of the professional accounting firm comes into play. Being a professional, it is your utmost responsibility to answer your client’s queries as soon as possible. You can use SMS marketing channel to keep yourself connected with your clients and relieve their stress.

Follow Up

A good accountant informs client of possible tax savings that may not have been possible for the client to rule out on their own. Generally, this means your firm needs to give your client some work to properly investigate additional deductions. Tax preparers generally have to invest plenty of time and energy calling and mailing clients for this additional information. Sometimes it becomes too frustrating as it’s nearly impossible for a firm to complete the tax return process without those additional documents and accountants really have to struggle a lot to get them. More than 78% of accounting firms admit that clients are easier to contact with SMS marketing than any other channel. Texting allows accounting firms to finish more returns without hiring additional staff. 

Offer Discounts

SMS marketing is an effective way to promote your business by offering special deals and discounts. For example, you can offer a discounted price to clients who bring their tax return details in time. Messages that involve incentives or discount details are generally opened by the recipients and this strategy will also help your business retain more clients for longer.

Occasional Updates

SMS marketing is a great way to send quick and important notifications to your clients. For instance, you can update them about the tax filing process. Obviously, you don’t have to draft huge and lengthy emails just to inform your clients about where things presently stand.

Give them Good News

When it comes to tax returns, receiving a refund can be thrilling. Take advantage of that and send a small text congratulating your client about their tax filing progress. Don’t forget to include a line stating when their refund should arrive.

Confirm Appointments

No-shows can be extremely annoying and costly for accounting firms especially during tax season. You can use SMS marketing to send reminders to the clients who have scheduled their appointments in advance.

Send a Thank You Note

At the end of the tax season, take the time to send a custom thank you note to some of your loyal clients.

Tips to Consider

Write To-The-Point Messages

Make sure you send professional and to-the-point messages to your clients. Don’t forget to proofread your messages before sending them out.

Keep Your Messages Short

Don’t make the texts too long or your recipients may lose interest. However, it’s important that you include all the relevant details and important information to make the client take the needed action.

Offer a Reward

As SMS marketing completely revolves around permission-based strategies, you have to make sure that your SMS list includes opted-in contacts only. A discount or a coupon in exchange for their signup will keep them engaged and happy for long.

Running an accounting or a CPA firm can be quite challenging. But, it’s more challenging to retain your old clients, while at the same time persuading others to hire your services. SMS marketing is an affordable way to reach your target audience and maintain a strong relationship with clients. There are many text blasts services out there like SaturnText that enable accounting firms to send both individual and group messages. So, integrate SMS marketing strategies into your accounting business framework to meet present-day challenges and excel in a competitive marketplace.