Text message marketing has gained momentum in recent years and grown to be one of the most favored marketing platforms to reach customers instantly. But, to reach the right audience, businesses need to build a huge text blast list or more often known as Opt-in list. Text blast list gives businesses a clear idea of the customers who want to hear from them.

If you're a new business trying to build and grow your SMS list, there are several important factors you should keep in mind before creating your text blast list.

Give People a Valid Reason to Opt-In

Give customers a good reason to join your SMS list. For instance, you can encourage them to sign up by offering exclusive deals and discounts. Sweepstakes and 'buy 1 get 1 free' kind of deals are also effective strategies for getting customers to opt-in, as it takes almost no effort on their part to become part of the contest and win something good in return.

Email Reach

Almost every business ask for email ids of the customers as one of the prerequisites to be filled up for registering on their website. Brands can use these ids as a starting point to build up their SMS subscription list. Also, they can publicize their SMS marketing campaigns by sending custom emails to their clients and asking to sign up their SMS campaign to stay updated and enjoy benefits.

Use Outdoor Signage

You may have observed those colorful billboards on the road advertising different products. If budget isn’t an issue, billboards are a great way to capture attention. A memorable keyword will make it easy for travelers to remember the code that they can use to sign up once they arrive at the destination.

Use Indoor Signage

If you’re running a text message marketing campaign, make sure you also promote it in-store. For example, you can promote your SMS marketing campaign through your menu if you have a restaurant service. Also, you can add sign up details on receipts if you run a retail store. 

Promote Through Social Media

When it comes to marketing, the role of social media is inevitable in today’s fast-evolving business world. If you already have a social media marketing campaign, you can integrate it with your SMS campaign to build up subscribers. While SMS marketing is a standalone channel, it can work amazingly well if combined with other marketing channels.

It’s extremely important to have a consistent approach across different channels especially when it comes to a number or other relevant opt-in details. Don’t forget to train your customer support so that they can respond to the questions efficiently in case subscribers have any concerns about registering to a subscriber’s list.

Make a Clear CTA

Keep it simple and straightforward. Do not include any special character or brackets around your keyword as it may confuse readers. You can also include a picture demonstrating where to type the code. Be very clear about your offers and let your subscribers know what they will get if they SMS your keyword to a certain number.

Promotional Offers

One of the best ways you can attract people to subscribe to your SMS list is by offering exclusive offers. To get long-term success, businesses must introduce discounts and promotional deals from time to time to engage customers. Promotional text message campaigns can be run by advertising an easy-to-remember code that needs to be sent from the subscriber's cellphone number. This helps customers to opt-in and also increases the overall revenue and profit margin for the business. 

Advertise on Your Website

Add an opt-in form on your website and ask customers to sign up for your SMS service. You can also offer a discount like 'Sign up and get 10% Off on All Purchases' to speed up a customer's decision-making process. Promotions for your SMS campaign can be displayed on your website banner or as a popup on your landing page.

Ask for Referrals

Over 60% of subscribers will refer your opt-in list to their friends and family if they’re happy with your service and feel loyal to it. You can either directly ask your subscribers for the referral or offer any special deal or discount for getting their contacts to opt-in for the service.

Text-to-Win Contests

Contests and giveaways are proven ways of increasing the number of people to sign up for receiving promotional texts on their contact numbers. Brands can ask a multiple-choice question by providing keywords as options like ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ or ‘D’.

Be Patient

Last but not least, make sure you mention an opt-out option so that your subscribers can easily opt-out if they're no more interested in your offers and other promotional stuff.

Building a huge text blast list isn't possible without the patience and effective strategy. Make sure you hire a reliable text message marketing service like SaturnText to reach more customers and expand your mobile database.