In today’ fast-paced digital era, smartphones have become a staple in our everyday lives. We usually keep our notifications switched on and have multiple messaging apps installed on our devices. As a marketer, it’s a golden opportunity for you to get in touch with your target audience through SMS marketing. But wait! Ever wondered how you can run an effective SMS marketing campaign?

First and most importantly, it’s critical to understand that not all text message marketing campaigns are created alike. There are businesses that fully integrate text message marketing into their business plans while others just use it as a segment of their overall marketing strategy. If you’re already onboard with mobile marketing, here’s a list of tips and suggestions that will make your SMS marketing campaign a huge success.

Invest in Professionals

If you’re looking to create a large-scale SMS marketing campaign, you’ll have to hire a variety of proficient and experienced professionals to get the most out of your marketing strategy. You can either hire them individually or can take help from reliable text blast services like SaturnText to reach out to customers on your behalf. Since the timeline for text message marketing is getting stricter day by day, the marketing personnel must work hard so that you could reap long-lasting rewards from your SMS marketing strategy.

Know Your Customers

Luckily, there is a huge variety of CRM apps that help you measure the output and overall performance of your messages. Make sure you carefully evaluate the purchasing history and demographics so that you can send timely messages to the right consumers. Keep in mind, you must learn to segment your customers appropriately for targeted marketing and promotions. Send bulk messages if your primary objective is to promote sales or if you are offering a product or a service that anyone anywhere could take advantage of.

Write Short and Concise Messages

While you have 160-character limit for your text message, you must keep it short and simple. Make sure the message you’ve written is clear and to-the-point. Avoid the jargons and abbreviations. Remember, not everyone has the time or interest to read long and meaningless text messages. In addition to that, always be specific. For instance, if you want to invite customers to a Sale, make sure your message includes a specific date when that Sale ends.

Be Specific

Text messages are meant to be clear and concise. Unlike emails in which you can talk about multiple issues, you should focus on a single message and one CTA when it comes to SMS marketing. One of the most effective ways to write a persuasive SMS for your text message marketing campaign is to use the ‘What-where-when-how’ model. This way, you would be able to stick to the context and your readers can have all necessary details about your event.

Make Your Recipients Feel ‘Valued’

One of the ways you can instantly grab your readers’ interest is making them feel respected and valued. When writing a text message, it has to evoke an urge to take action. From the selection of words to the layout and the final CTA, your message must be able to communicate positive emotions that would hook the reader’s interest and provoke him or her to take an immediate action.

Personalize Your Texts

Personalizing your messages is an effective way to make your recipient feel appreciated and valued. To promote engagement, don’t make your recipients feel as if they were just a part of your subscriber’s list. In order to achieve your SMS marketing campaign success goals, you should either address them directly or try using a friendly alternative to build a connection.

Opt for Permission-Based Marketing

Let’s admit it… Nobody likes receiving messages that do not interest them or haven’t subscribed for. When it comes to text message marketing, it’s very important to only include the people who have subscribed to receive text messages from your company. No matter how well-written and engaging the content of your message is, it will only be acknowledged and well-received by people who’ve granted you the permission to send those messages.

Get Your Timing Right

SMS marketing is all about proximity. You must consider when your recipients have the time to go through your text. Sending your text at the wrong time can cause more harm than good for your SMS marketing campaign. Apart from that, you should also pay attention to the number of messages you intend to send during a month. Make sure you set a certain limit like one or two text messages per week to avoid spamming.

A Persuasive CTA is The Key

Call-To-Action lines boost customer engagement and help you better connect and engage with your customers. Make sure your CTA is specific and as time sensitive as possible.

There you have it. SMS marketing is one of the most important marketing tools that provide businesses with the opportunity to connect with their prospective clients and help them customize their marketing strategy to attain optimal results.