Text message marketing popularly known as SMS marketing is a feature commonly available with almost every cell phone, enabling people to send and receive short and to-the-point messages. With the emergence of many other marketing tools, text message marketing is considered to be an old form of communication, but the way it’s being integrated in today’s B2B space has made it one of the widely used marketing tools in recent times.

According to recent statistics, the use of SMS marketing increased by massive 197% between 2015 and 2017. That’s mainly because of the fact that many businesses would rather text their customers than approaching them through an email or phone. Not only businesses, political organizations are also showing immense interest in collaborating with services like SaturnText that execute text message marketing campaigns which help organizations reach directly to their customers, volunteers and supporters.

Why Is Text Message Marketing Going to Stay in 2021?

Text message marketing is a practical direct marketing approach that works wonderfully with both B2B and B2C brands. Since consumer behavior is constantly evolving and today cell phones are becoming more popular than ever before, the immediate and personal feel of text message marketing makes it tempting for businesses that want to build long-lasting relationships with their customers.

It’s Not SPAM!

Text message marketing is a 100% opt-in based method that follows the principles of permission-based marketing. In other words, consumers have to give their consent before they subscribe to any particular list of SMS marketing.

SMS Advertising Campaigns are Popular

Did you know nearly 90% of all text messages are read within just three minutes of being received? No matter what your target audience is, it’s easier to approach any age group, income group or employment sector if you choose text message marketing over other available B2B marketing channels.

To-The-Point Message

When it comes to text messages, marketers can only include 160 characters to describe their message. As subscribers are only opting in to receive value-added offers, it’s useless if marketers write and send a massive 500-word text. With text message marketing, marketers are left with no other choice except for following the instructed character limit.

Exclusive Text Message Marketing Tips for 2021

At this point, you must have a clear understanding about the facts that make SMS marketing one of the most effective advertising mediums available so far. Read on to know some of the proven tips and tricks to make the most of your SMS marketing strategy:

Consumer Privacy is Important

Purchasing the lists of contact numbers and sending blanket SMS to everyone on the list may result in an ineffective marketing campaign. Being a marketer, it’s your utmost responsibility to respect consumer’s privacy or else your forceful marketing strategy can cause more harm than good for your brand’s reputation. If you’ve selected SMS marketing for your brand, be certain you have a specific purpose and a reason to text your subscribers.

Opt-In Agreements

In order to build an organic list of subscribers, it’s critical that you seek permission first. Always maintain a record of people with opt-in agreements and make sure they have been given the choice to opt out if required. SMS marketers have to follow mannerly communication or they could easily offend the privacy laws.

Avoid Spamming

As SMS marketing is a direct way to approach your supporters and prospective consumers, it’s particularly important not to spam your list. Instead of sending tons of meaningless messages to your subscribers, make sure you stick to just a few messages that contain viable messages and a clear vision. This way, your marketing strategy and messages will be respected by the recipients and also help your brand or organization to avoid appearing too spammy.

Choose Keywords

It’s extremely important to make it convenient for interested people to subscribe. You have to set specific keywords aside for your customers to text and subscribe with. It will obviously become easier for people to use a particular short code with the keyword. So, make sure you have multiple keywords handy for specific deals, announcements and promotions.

Lead Generation is the Key

Text message marketing campaigns are an effective way to build long-term customer relationships and motivate people to join your brand on other platforms. That is certainly one of the biggest reasons why successful SMS marketers prefer creating lead generation instead of sending promotional messages to increase sales.

Final Words

Text message marketing is an amazing tool to send reminders and notifications to your list of subscribers. Unlike emails, SMS messages are short and concise. They immediately grab the reader's attention and help brands build relationships with their customers.

We have seen great progress in the realm of SMS marketing in 2020 and this trend isn’t going anywhere in 2021 too. All in all, digital marketers must not overlook text message marketing strategies to connect with new leads or reconnect with their existing customers.