For over two decades, SMS marketing has dominated the ever-changing world of ‘Marketing’ with a high success ratio. Text message marketing facts and figures exhibit why this trend is going to continue and flourish in coming years. Just like any other thing, there are many crazy myths about SMS marketing. For instance, many people believe that it doesn’t work for small and medium-sized businesses. Also, people consider this strategy useful for Gen Z customers only. In this post, we’ll debunk 9 common myths and misconceptions about text message marketing so that you can make a better decision.

Myth # 1 – SMS Marketing is Less Effective than Email Marketing

Many people believe that email or social media marketing is better than SMS marketing. In reality, text message marketing campaigns will continue to rule the B2B space in the coming future. See, not everyone will have an internet-supported phone, but almost every phone comes with a texting feature. Unlike emails that have an open rate of just 28%-30%, text messages have an open rate of 90%. Also, text messages are more direct and personal than an email.

Myth # 2 – People Don’t Respond to Text Message Marketing

The average response rate of text messages is 45% which is massive if compared to the 6% average response rate of emails. Since, text message marketing enables marketers to directly connect with the users, it builds trust and engages more users than any other available marketing channel.

Myth # 3 – Text Message Marketing is preferred by Millenials Only

One of the biggest misconceptions about text message marketing is that only millenials use text messages. The fact is that Gen X and Baby Boomers also use text messages, only not as often as Gen Z. A recent research conducted by the Pew Research Center also suggests that more than 43% of people in Canada aged 50+ own a smartphone. Similarly, more than 67% of the US aged 50+ have a smartphone. There is no denying the fact that older people are usually considered less tech savvy than younger individuals but obviously that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to send or receive SMS.

Myth # 4 – Customers Consider Promotional Messages as Spam

Let’s admit it, you’ll experience spam on any channel. It wouldn’t be justified if you only blame SMS marketing for that. In fact, it’s a failure of marketers who fail to capture their target market’s attention in a convincing manner. Studies suggest that more than 75% of customers would like to receive deals and promotions through SMS marketing. As text messages are short and concise, they just focus on the main subject instead of highlighting other meaningless stuff.

Myth # 5 – SMS Marketing is Expensive

Incorrect! Text message marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of connecting with your target audience. There are many companies out there like SaturnText that provide amazing text blast solutions to their clients and only charge for what messages you send or intend to send. Remember, these text message blasts don’t have to be big budget to grab attention, they only need to be designed passionately and creatively.

Myth # 6 – SMS Marketing isn’t Worth Your Time and Effort

Today, bulk text message marketing strategy has made it easier to send messages in bulk. Many smartphone users depend on text messaging opt-in for making their buying decisions. In fact, it has also been observed that many users contacted a retailer using their cellphones. Keep in mind, when done accurately, SMS marketing can actually be less time-consuming and more result-driven than other marketing channels.

Myth # 7 – Text Message Marketing is Complicated

While learning the art of text message marketing may seem like a daunting task, you can get started in as little as 2-3 minutes. With SMS marketing, all you need to do is set up a particular keyword on your keywords page and promote it through other marketing channels. Yes, it’s as simple as that…

Myth # 8 – SMS Marketing is for Big Brands Only

Many organizations falsely assume that text message marketing is for big brands only. In reality, SMS marketing works for all business sizes and levels. Businesses that invest in SMS marketing see instant and long-lasting results. Mobile marketing enables companies to follow up with their customers and help them learn more about their customer’s needs and desires.

Myth # 9 – SMS Marketing is Outdated in Today’s Fast-Paced Digital Age

Many businesses have been led to assume that SMS marketing is outmoded in today’s smartphone era. Sadly, they’re badly mistaken. Unlike other marketing channels, SMS marketing has a higher conversion rate.


In conclusion, it is pretty evident that text message marketing will never fail you. Separating text message marketing myths from the facts is certainly the first and most important step to developing successful text message marketing campaigns.

SMS marketing is powerful, result-oriented and absolutely manageable. So, next time you hear a pointless SMS marketing myth, question it with confidence.

Happy texting!