Did you know the average American checks their phones once every 12 minutes? People are always glancing at their cellphones to check their social media profiles or to explore their notifications.

Even with aggressive competition from specialized chatting apps, text messages are still used by almost everyone and this feature is accessible on virtually every mobile phone without any compatibility or connectivity issues.

But, when it comes to using this option as the ultimate marketing channel, most digital marketers laugh! The concept of SMS marketing makes them assume that it will be heavily regulated than other channels like email or social media marketing. However, the fact is that if you’re not integrating SMS marketing strategies into your business framework, you’re probably leaving money on the table. Remember - for the right business, text blast services can be an untapped goldmine that could consistently generate you more profit.

Now that we have highlighted the significance of text message marketing as a profitable business tool, we would like to include a few things that you should always consider while using text blasts as a tool.

Golden SMS Marketing Rules

· Keep it short and concise

You only have 160 characters and limited time to get your message across. Always keep your message short and concise followed by a persuasive CTA for the user

· Optimization is the key

Make sure the landing page you have linked in your CTA is adapted to all mobile devices

· Provide Value

The subscriber has given your business a privilege by giving you their contact details. You must return the favour by offering equal value for it. It may be in the form of any special deal or a discount coupon, but it should offer great value to the user

· Avoid repetition

Permission-based marketing is the key to any successful SMS marketing. Hence, instead of reaching people who haven’t subscribed for the alerts, you should pay attention to those who have signed up to your SMS list. Respect their privacy by sending informative messages at a suitable time and do not be repetitive.

So, where do you start? Here’s our step-by-step guide to using text message marketing in 2020 and beyond.

Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing Tex Blast Services in 2020

Become the Trusted Source of Useful Information

Make your business stand out by sending text messages containing informative tips and information. For instance, if you manufacture weight loss supplements, you can keep your customers informed with the latest innovations in the fitness industry. This way you can build trust and become a reliable source of useful industry-specific info for your subscribers.

Trivia Question Marketing Campaign

Unlike other digital marketing channels, text message marketing is a direct and more personal way to communicate with your target audience. Increase customer engagement using a trivia question marketing campaign. Gauge customer loyalty by asking questions about your products and services. Reward those who correctly answer the questions and offer discounts and benefits to boost engagement. This type of SMS marketing campaign will promote better customer relationship and boost a loyal customer base.


SMS marketing is an informal way to approach your customers. You can use this to your advantage by congratulating your customers on their big days along with special deals and discounts.

Keep Your Customers Informed

Keeping your customers informed about the best offers and promotions is a good way to make them feel valued. Successful companies are well-aware of the fact that sending out text messages serves as a driving force that boosts brand loyalty and also helps businesses attract and retain existing and potential customers.

Send Reminders

Stay connected with your subscribers and improve engagement rates with a basic SMS reminder. Especially, if you’re a service-based company and your business depends on appointments and reservations. SMS reminders can significantly reduce no-shows and increase your appointment conversion rates.

Get Ahead of the Game with these Basic SMS Marketing Tips

Always Ask Permission Before Adding Customers to Your SMS List

No matter how exclusive your text marketing campaign is, it is not ethical to send text blasts without the consent of the recipients. Make sure you never chase your customers if they show no interest and willingness in your campaign.

Choose Right Timing for Sending Text Messages

A marketing text blast sent on the wrong time will annoy your subscribers. Ideally, you should send bulk SMS during business hours. Also, you should not send more than 4-6 messages a month. Remember – spamming can trigger negative feeling towards your brand which may eventually lead to lower brand loyalty and engagement.

Segment Your Recipients

Segmentation allows you to segment your customers into groups based on a variety of important factors including age, common traits, interests, etc. Market segmentation enables your business to send the right message to the right customer.

Measure the Performance of Your SMS Marketing Campaign

Last but not least, gather statistics and analyze customer reviews to measure the effectiveness and performance of your SMS marketing strategy. Try to compare different statistics and adjust your strategy accordingly to drive the optimum results.

You can reap the perks of text message marketing only if you have a well-thought-out SMS marketing strategy in hand. Take a cue from this post and increase your brand exposure by starting a persuasive and result-driven SMS marketing campaign for your business. Also, there are many reliable bulk SMS marketing services like SaturnText that can help you continuously interact with your customers using a permission-based approach.