Send Mass Text Messages

Including Promotions & Pizza Pick-Up Notifications Through Our Easy-To-Use Texting Platform
send orders via text messages

Allow Customers To Text In Their Order With Automated Responses

+ Mass-Texting Promotions!!
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Simplify And Make Your Order Process As Smooth As Butter With 2-Way Text Platform & Keyword Ordering!

Our SaturnText Texting Platform gives you the power to text your customers individually or all at once. Schedule promotions to go out and get more foot traffic and orders. It works great for delivery as you can add estimated times of arrival. Our platform will do the work for you!
customers can place orders via text messages such as their favorite pizza!
Allow Your Customers To Text In An Order. You Can Set Designated Keywords With Auto Responses.
Reduce the number of Calls into your shop.

Get Your Customers Engaged With Mass Text Blasts

Simply Type Out a Text and Upload Your Customer’s Phone Numbers To Send Promos To Everybody At Once
allow customers to get texted coupons or discounts via saturntext
Text Messages Have The Highest Rate Of Customer Engagement With Over 90% Open Rates!
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